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      How it Works


      You’ll get a call from our team at the date you selected above.


      They’ll ask you a few questions about the property and any items inside the home to give you a fair quote.


      We’ll meet you at the location, survey the property, and take an inventory of all the items in the house for clearance day.


      On our agreed clearance date, we’ll pack everything up, and, after your OK, take it all to the appropriate centers across the northwest.

      What happens to the stuff we take?


      We donate everything we can to our network of local charities.


      We take every recyclable item to its proper place across the northwest.


      The rest is refuge and out of your hair forever. Tell us what you think!

      No matter what you need picked up, WeMovers can help.

      Our team takes care of everything from roadside rubbish pickups to estate and commercial clearances.
      All handled by a certified team of professionals who can get rid of everything efficiently, sustainably and affordably.

      How do we charge?

      Weight / Volume

      Most of our price is based on volume.

      Heavier items like bricks, rubble and steel will be charged based off of estimated weight.

      Type of Material

      Bulky items like, furniture, carry their own standard rate.

      Electrical, Hazardous Waste and Garden Items all have to be disposed of separately and carry their own cost.


      We include a fair labour charge in every quote.

      This ONLY changes if there’s something about the property that causes removal to take longer than expected. (And we’ll warn you ahead of time)

      Why choose WeMovers?

      From single rooms to complete house clearances, we’ll take care of any unwanted furniture and waste, responsibly and cost-effectively.

      We make it easy

      It’s simple. You can arrange online, call us to book, or request one of our team members to make a house stop with a simple email.

      You get fast, flexible service

      Within a week or scheduled months out, we’ll send a trained professional to survey the property BEFORE you commit to anything.

      We Take Care of Your Stuff

      Anything that can be reused is donated to local charities, what can’t is recycled, and everything that’s left gets disposed of safely.

      Plus, No Hidden Fees

      We send a trained professional to every single job to give you an accurate quote that includes travel, labour AND processing costs. That means NO surprises and no hidden fees.

      What else can we do?

      House Clearances

      Whether you’re downsizing, moving house, or helping out a relative…

      We’ll take great care of everything you don’t need.

      Rubbish Removal

      We take bulky items like furniture, appliances or yard waste.

      All you do is call and we’ll take care of the rest!

      Probate Clearances

      Work in probate or estate law? Our team can clear out any size home fast.

      Without any stress on you or the family.

      STOP worrying and call WeMovers

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